Links to go viral – 25th January 2015

This week’s links are all about one of the most incredibly potent means with which we combat, prevent and eradicate disease – vaccines.

I’m going to let the articles speak for themselves:

“Chimps and gorillas desperately need Ebola vaccine too – virus has wiped out a third of them. – The Conversation”

“The price of life-saving vaccines has skyrocketed leaving some countries struggling to fully immunise children, Medecins Sans Frontieres warns. – BBC News”

“The devastating impact of vaccine deniers, in one measles chart – The Washington Post”

Taken together – animals need vaccine development, children around the world cannot get access to vaccines, and – to be plain – idiots in the US are ignoring an effective vaccine to measles, allowing for outbreaks of the disease.

I’m really in a much better mood than these articles suggest – honest! But if I’ve brought you down, here’s an article from The Onion to make up for it: “I Don’t Vaccinate My Child Because It’s My Right To Decide What Eliminated Diseases Come Roaring Back | The Onion – America’s Finest News Source”

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